3 Scientifically Proven Ways To INSTANTLY Make You Happy

#MentalHealthMonday | Katie Woodland | 02-03-2020
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3 Scientifically Proven Ways To INSTANTLY Make You Happy

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Do you ever find yourself waking up and feeling 'meh'?

It doesn't seem to matter that you've got the life you want, the relationship you've dreamed of or you're finally doing something which is having a positive impact on the world.

For some reason, you wake up in a morning and there are no whiffs of roses, no sunlights streaming through your window and there's no smile plastered across your perfectly turned out face and hair.

Instead, the alarm goes off, your hair is all over the place and you're entire body is fighting against you as you try to get out of bed...

Then you find yourself searching the internet to finally uncover what is causing this mismatch between your outer world and your inner one.

You may stumble across the people telling you it's just your age and it's all downhill from your 30's.

Other people may try and convince you it's because of some deep routed limiting belief that you haven't yet found.

Even others may share their wisdom that in this lifetime it's your destiny to bear untold pain... 

The thing is, even without meeting you I can tell you none of these things are true.

The truth that no health and wellness furu (fake-guru) is going to tell you is that sometimes you're just having a shit day.

Sometimes, there is no rhyme or reason for what our bodies do.

Or rather there's no 'deep routed' reason.

There's always some reason, but most of the time we get pretty good at ignoring it...

This morning, I woke up with a pounding headache.

It was as though my brain had grown legs overnight and was determined to escape through my skull.

Thankfully, a pint of water, a quick slosh of some essential oils and another 90 minutes kip soon sorted that out.

But there was no reason for my headache.

I drink plenty of water, eat relatively healthy meals, have 60 minutes no tech pre-bed and exercise regularly.

In the last 5 years, I've probably had 3 headaches.

They're really uncommon.

So what has my lack of headaches got to do with you?

Well, here's the thing.

I could have woken up with the headache and rather than thinking "'WTF' bloody thing, I'll fix it and move on..."

I could have instead woken up and thought "'WTF' I never get headaches, it must mean something bad is going on inside my head... I'll need to dive onto WebMD and find out whether it's a sign of something nasty..."

Knowing, I eat healthily, exercise and drink plenty of water, I could very quickly dismiss these as the reason as to why it occurred and carried on my search.

Determined to find the 'real reason' why it was happening...

All this searching, keeps me tuned into the pain of the headache, the fear of their being something wrong and the worry that my head is about to explode.

Once trapped in this mini-cycle my brain does it's 'Oh so helpful but really unhelpful thing of reminding me of all the other times, I've ignored my health thinking it was benign and it wasn't...

Like the time I thought I had a cold, then was coughing up blood on the shop floor of a swanky fast-fashion retailer where I was a manager, which turned out to be pneumonia...

Or the time I had another cold which ended up being the flu and had me in bed for days with a sky-high temperature and even a hallucination or two...

Then you keep reading and searching and uncover all the stories of people who have brain tumours, rare genetic disorders and a host of other scary nasty things which were only diagnosed because they had a headache and they never have headaches... 

Just like that, you're convinced its game over.

Okay, so it might seem a little far fetched that after one random headache and a couple of hours internet searching would lead me down the physical health black hole.

The truth is it happens.

In fact, it happens all the time.

Especially when it comes to our emotional and mental health.

Mainly because for those of us who were born pre 2000 we never spoke about mental health or emotional trauma.

It was always something that was whispered about, something to be kept behind closed doors and absolutely never something you'd talk about openly!

The thing is, even nowadays, as a society, most don't understand it.

Not like we do physical health.

If someone sprains a wrist we understand what that must feel like.

But if someone is so beaten down by their thoughts that getting out of bed has become as difficult as running up Mount Everest butt-naked, unless you've been through this, you can't imagine it.

The problem is, it's spoken about so much that the first time we experience a day where we're exhausted for no reason, we find ourselves questioning our decisions or we have palpitations over doing something we believe we must have a mental illness.

You wanna know a secret?

Anxiety is a natural reaction.

Depression is natural.

Even schizophrenia is simply a way of your body attempting to cope with something that's happened.

Mental illness is not a disease, it's an unhelpful coping mechanism.

The problem is, that when we end up trapped at the bottom of the emotional black hole, we often don't have a torch.

We're in complete darkness.

The roses, sunshine and smiles are so far away they appear as something magical and mystical, just like leprechauns, unicorns and the winning lottery ticket...

The thing is, that even when you're at the bottom of the pit, you don't have to stay there.

That's a choice.

Biologically, you're only ever in the emotional black-hole for 90 seconds.

Yup, you read that right, 90 seconds.

After that, you can do something to change what the next 90 seconds feels like.

You don't have to.

You can choose to stay in the black-hole.

Like I said, it's your choice.

Just like, I had a choice this morning with my headache.

I could have wallowed, felt-sorry for the pain and spent the day convinced it was game-over.

Or I could have accepted for some random reason my biology went a little wonky overnight and took the actions I needed to help put it right; water, essential oils and more sleep.

If you're like me and have decided that your biology can be tamed whenever it's being a rogue, here's 3 things you can do which are scientifically proven to help you instantly feel happy.

Oh and by instantly, I mean within 90 seconds, because on this you've gotta roll with your biology, not against it.

Number #1: Sing. When we sing on our own our bodies release endorphins (pain-relief hormone) and serotonin (the happy hormone). When we sing with others, we also have the added benefit of releasing oxytocin (sometimes called the 'love' hormone, but is also connected to empathy and trust).

Number #2: Dance. When we dance we release serotonin, endorphins and dopamine (reward hormone). Dancing is so powerful it has also been found to reduce the onset of Dementia and reduce symptoms in people struggling with Parkinson's.

Number #3: Laugh. Laughing not only releases serotonin and dopamine it actually reduces the number of stress hormones present in the body (e.g., cortisol (stress hormone) and epinephrine (also known as adrenaline and is the 'energy/focus' hormone).

All three of these are free, they work fast and you can do them multiple times a day without needing to worry about any adverse side effects...

Okay, so your friends, family and colleagues might think you've lost the plot if you end up singing, dancing and laughing when you're supposed to be heading an important board meeting...

You need to understand that feeling good only happens when we allow the hormones which make us feel good to flow.

If you haven't done anything which floods your system with serotonin for a while, there isn't going to be anything whizzing around your body which can make you feel good.

As I've said before, I can't tell you what to do, this is your journey, not mine.

But if you do want my advice, spend the next 7 days, prioritising flooding your system with serotonin before you get swept up in the belief that you must be struggling with a mental illness.

The way we feel is just biology.

We can roll with it, we can fight against it or we can tweak it.

We are in control, we just need to get back into the driving seat.

Anyways, I've rambled on quite enough for one #Mentalhealthmonday!

Happy hormone boosting!

Oh, if you think that you've tipped slightly over the edge of what singing, dancing and laughing can do to get you out of the black hole click the button below to join me on the upcoming FREE live webclass where I'll be sharing more things you can do to feel good every single day without relying on drugs, alcohol or needing a therapist on speed-dial.

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Katie Woodland;

Psychologist, Business Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author
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