Discover: The Secret SUCCESS Strategy Helping Female Entrepreneurs Generate Thousands Overnight...

#WealthWednesday | Katie Woodland | 11-03-2020
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The Secret SUCCESS Strategy Helping Female Entrepreneurs Generate Thousands Overnight

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

So you want to change the world?

Maybe you want to release a product which has life-changing properties...

Maybe you want to serve in your unique way and help others out of hardship...

Maybe you just want to do what you love and be rewarded financially...

It doesn't matter what you want to do, be, have or achieve, all dreams are worthy.

But let's be honest...

The reason you're here, reading this is because your success...

Well, that's seriously lacking.

It certainly was for me for such a long time.

I'd look around at all the other entrepreneurs and start to wonder whether I had what it took to be successful.

I joined webinar after webinar.

Downloaded freebie after freebie.

Paid for course after course...

Yet somehow, I was still seeing lacklustre results.

Sinking further down the emotional rabbit hole of shame, guilt and self-loathing.

Struggling to cover the business monthly expenditure.

Seeing my dreams of a 30-hour 'financially-free' work-week slipping further and further away.

I mean, who knew giving up a 9-5 and pursuing your dreams would mean 24/7 enslavement?

It's not exactly the catchy, empowering and inspirational tag line of most business coaches is it?

Anyways, one day, in the midst of my desperation I suddenly realised that I was missing a trick.

I was reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos to figure things out in my business but wasn't doing any of these things for my business.


Yes, I was creating social media posts consistently, chatting away and engaging in social media groups and even real-life networking.

But nothing I was creating had any 'staying-power'.

Everything I was doing to generate business literally relied on my ability to disrupt someone's day and be skilful enough in sales copywriting to get them to take action in just a few sentences...

Then pretty much straight away I had a panic attack.

There's no way I could write a blog...

I mean I'm shit at spelling, my grammar is terrible and I have no idea how to construct something which is readable.

There's no way I could start a podcast...

My voice is awful and I say the words; so, now and like as though they're going out of fashion. 

Who'd want to have that rambling on in their ears?

There's no way I could start a YouTube channel...

I mean, have you seen me? 

My hair is as crazy as I am and that would mean getting dressed every day.

The more blogs I read, podcasts I listened to and YouTube videos I watched the more convinced there's no way I could do it too.

Then I saw something on Twitter which made me mad.

It's not unusual, Twitter is full of douchebags.

Even if you only swing by for 30 seconds you'll stumble across one.

But hey, we're all learning.

I was so incensed by this complete utter nonsense this person was spouting about mental illness my fears about being judged, being unworthy and being 'less' than others were wiped away.

I sat in front of the PC and just started writing.

I started writing as though I was having a conversation with my clients.

All I had going through my head was; I need them to know, this is not true and believing this will derail their chance at forever freedom from mental and emotional turmoil.

I wasn't thinking about getting new clients in that moment.

I wasn't thinking about it being a way to drive traffic.

I wasn't thinking about the potential to generate new clients long-term.

I was just fully committed to making sure the people I already worked with knew the truth.

Just like that, I created my first blog post.

Okay, at the time it wasn't a blog post, it was an email-based rant which I sent out via Gmail and BCC'd my customers in...

But then the weirdest thing happened.

My clients wrote back.

They said thanks.

They said they hadn't seen the Tweet, but it was reassuring to know the 'new research' was, in fact, the same old pharmaceutical led garbage they'd let go of.

They also said that they loved the way it was laid out, as though we were back face-to-face chatting away.

Then something even weirder happened...

One of them asked if it was okay to share it with their friend.

Did I mind them forwarding the email?

I was like; OMG yeah, of course, you can send it to someone else!

It wasn't until that moment did I realise that I should probably share what I had written publicly.

The truth was, I needed the validation from my clients before I felt confident enough to share what I thought with the world.

But flipping my reason for creating the content in the first place enabled me to start the ball rolling and boy did it!

Back when I first started blogging (2016) you could post on LinkedIn and it would notify all your contacts.

I took advantage.

My audience grew from 500 to over 2000 in a few weeks.

I started getting messages from people I'd never met asking whether I was available to work with them, to support them and to help them change their lives.

By the time I closed Woodland Psychological Services Ltd in March 2019, my podcast was being listened to by thousands each month, my blogs were being read by thousands and I didn't need to worry about how I'd find new clients.

There were also many unexpected things which happened from my blogs.

The Sales Director of a huge company was searching for a way to stop smoking and one of my blogs popped up on Google.

He took a read.

He laughed, he felt like he'd learned something and he felt like I was someone who was trustworthy.

He gave me a call and asked to meet.

During the meeting, he asked me whether I'd run a wellbeing event for his businesses clients.

Without needing to think about it I said abso-fricking-lutely.

That event led to me working with and supporting multiple well known and loved businesses.

It generated thousands and elevated my authority in the workplace wellbeing space.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I hadn't even written anything on stopping-smoking!

On Monday I produced a blog post specifically focused on breaking down my ideal customers biggest objection to seeking emotional freedom.

In under 3 hours of that blog post going live, I inspired someone who has never met me to reach out and ask whether I can help them.

If their circumstances and my offer are a good fit that one blog post has just been valued at £3,000.

But it's not.

It's worth more than that.

Because they're not the only person to read the post...

Blogging, vloging and podcasting meant I could stop chasing my tail and desperately seeking clients.

Instead, I was giving people who needed my help a way to find me.

I was ensuring that when they were looking for help, I was there.

Not the other way round.

But here's the thing.

You can't just produce any old twaddle and expect people to hand over thousands.

It doesn't work like that.

You need to make sure you're helpful.

This doesn't necessarily mean you just produce how-tos' and tip based blogs all the time.

Sometimes a story shared is more powerful than a step-by-step guide at helping your audience take action.

You also can't just produce one post, video or episode and expect thousands.

If you've already got a large audience who love you, then maybe...

But I'm guessing that's not you?

So you'll have to write a few.

More than a few.

A heck of a lot.

Right now, I'm producing 3 pieces of content a week.

It takes between 6 and 9 hours to write the post, record the video, edit the video, upload the video, produce the juicy curiosity driving hooks/headlines, creates the graphics and do all the SEO.

I get that this might be freaking you out.

But, my first post, the one that was shared, that took me 30 minutes to write.

I already knew about SEO so I could do that too.

In 60 minutes, I had something I could share multiple times and use to get people who have never heard of me to listen to what I was saying and start to build the trust muscle.

You don't have to do everything to get started.

You just need to do one thing.

You also don't have to do everything yourself.

If you are skint and have a circle of fellow entrepreneurs you could start a blogging ring. 

Where you all do the bits you're expert at for each other.

If you have a little bit of cash you can use freelancer, people-per hour and even fiver to get some of it done for you.

But unless you start creating meaningful content the people who need your help have no way to find you.

They have no way to test you out.

No way to build the trust muscle.

Meaning come 3 months, 6 months and even 12 months from now, you'll either still be trapped on the hustle-harder merry-go-round or you'll be back in a 9-5 you hate just to pay the bills.

Right now you either have time or money.

What little you have of both of those needs to be focused on building your future.

The easy way?

Produce content.

No idea where to start?

No idea how to produce content which is not only engaging but also generates leads and sales?

Don't worry, I've got your back ;)

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