COVID-19 Turning A Business Disaster Into A Business Blessing

#WealthWednesday | Katie Woodland | 25-03-2020
Watch, Listen Or Read On To Discover How To Level Up Your Ability To Serve Your Customers In Times Of Uncertainty So That Your Business Continues To Flourish Despite The Global Pandemic.

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COVID-19 Turning A Business Disaster Into A Business Blessing

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

As things continue to become worse, it can be difficult to keep focused on moving forward in your business.
Cancelled orders, cancelled clients and changes to your working environment will all have a massive impact on how you’re feeling.

In turn, this will have a huge impact on your ability to make decisions for the long-term.

Yes, I said long-term.

The world may well be facing wobbly times, but this does not mean your business will necessarily crumble.

Now is the time to adapt, tweak and alter your business so that it will continue to flourish.
Because, believe me – it truly can.

Did you know that Uber and Airbnb were founded around the time of the 2008 financial crisis?

While you may not have ‘world-domination’ aspirations, companies such as this prove it is possible to thrive in the face of adversity.

One of the most underutilised ways of generating an income from your small business is through partnering with other businesses who serve an aligned audience.

Please don’t panic.

This is not about farming your services off to someone else for a cheap rate, working alongside people you have no respect for, nor going full steam ahead creating an online course with a bunch of people you’ve met in a Facebook group.

This is about stepping up your ability to serve your audience.

Right now, I work with many different organisations to serve you.

Chances are, you haven’t even realised…

A few weeks ago I did a video on how you can use and access an amazing headline creator.

This headline creator was created by Jim Edwards.

He’s amazing at what he does, I respect the heck out of him and I’ve paid him thousands over the past few years to learn how to sell.

His words, training and advice massively impacted the success of my business.

So, I share his message, his tools and his awesomeness with you.

In turn, I’m rewarded financially.

Over 6 months ago, I created a video about generating thousands of leads from Pinterest for free.

I shared step-by-step how I do that and also shared the software I use to make it happen.

If you went ahead and dived in then I received a free month of the software.

Kinda like getting paid without actually getting paid…

But here’s the thing.

For both of those video’s I also shared with you software which are 100% free 100% of the time which I don’t receive anything from.

I share them with you because, I hand-on-heart believe you deserve to know about them so that you have the best opportunity of serving the world in your unique way.
There’s quite a few more things I do which props up my monthly income without me needing to do anything.

All of which I use myself and genuinely believe are awesome.

You may be wondering how I decide what I’ll incorporate into my business financial model and what I’ll stay firmly away from.

Or you may be wondering about the best way to circulate these additional products/services with your audience without coming across like a spammy dick.

So here’s what I do:

1) Sit down and truly think about your customer. All of their needs, their desires and the things they truly need to get the most amazing results from your services/products. Most importantly the things which will help, that you don’t currently provide.

2) Hunt around the internet for the things which are going to make your overall offer amazing.

3) BUY the product/invest in the service. This step is 100% vital. I know, you have a giant heart and this means, you have to make sure what you’re sharing with your tribe genuinely has their best interests at heart.

4) Test the heck out of the product/service. Ask yourself questions like; Does it do what it claims? Are the customer service team up to scratch? Does this improve my perfect customers chances of getting amazing results from my service?

5) Write a blog post, record a video and upload a podcast talking about the service/product.

6) Share with your audience.

Here’s an example so you see what I mean. 

Let’s say you’re a yoga instructor who’s no longer able to do live classes.

Yes, you absolutely can move your classes online and deliver them via zoom, skype or eyeson.

But it isn’t going to help you increase your audience base or increase your finances.

You’re just shifting what you’re doing, not levelling up your business model.

Firstly, think about all the things you clients would normally be provided in the class which they are unlikely to have at home.

Things like a yoga mat, a block, a bolster…

Next, think about all the obstacles they’re likely to be facing which are going to impede their ability to get good results.

Things like they might be stressed out and not getting the nutritious food they need, they might have to deal with kids at home or a not-so-neat-and-tidy-partner…

This might lead to you looking at essential oils, supplements, meditation MP3’s…

Do you see how very quickly you have a way to not only increase your income so that you can continue to serve, but also increase their ability to see results even though you’re not working with them directly?

Whats even better is you may very well end up saving another entrepreneurial dream by banding together with someone local to you.

Just remember, this is not about shoving rubbish products/services down the throats of your loyal fan base.

You still need to be doing all the amazing things you’re already doing to serve them for free.
You still need to help them if they can’t afford to chip in for the ‘paid-for’ goodies.

Your job is to help them succeed, not to drive them into bankruptcy…

You can register to become an affiliate, sign up to a Multi-Level-Marketing company, invest in Private Label Rights products...

There’s so many ways to help your audience succeed and prop up your own business.

You just need to stay committed and focused on serving with integrity.

Not sure about how to do this in your own business?

No problemo, use the button below to join the Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Members Club 100% FREE for the next 30 days and I’ll help you through the whole process.
See you soon.

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