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O’Hagan, Eimear (21-06-2020) ONLY THRILLED TO GRILL Help — my husband’s Instagram-obsessed and has become a food himfluencer! Fabulous Magazine;The Scottish Sun https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/fabulous/5724775/husbands-obsessed-instagram-food-himfluencer/
Pinter, Anna (07-06-2020) TIKTOK BOMB Dangerous dares and anonymous predators – are your kids safe on TikTok? Fabulous Magazine;The Sun https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/11769828/are-your-kids-safe-on-tiktok/
BBC Radio Shropshire (26-05-2020) How Men Are Coping During Lockdown https://www.katiewoodland.co.uk/bbc-radio-how-men-are-coping-with-lockdown
Learning From Smart People (12-05-2020) Your Past Does Not Define Your Future http://learningfromsmartpeople.com/podcast/katie-woodland
One Size Does Not Fit All Podcast (21-04-2020) Terrorised to Triumphant with Katie Woodland; Maverick Psychologist, Business Coach, TEDx Speaker & Best-Selling Author https://anchor.fm/onesizedoesnotfitall/episodes/Terrorised-to-Triumphant-with-Katie-Woodland-Maverick-Psychologist--Business-Coach--TEDx-Speaker--Best-Selling-Author-ed2tnd
BBC Radio Shropshire (10-04-2020) Overcoming Anxiety https://www.katiewoodland.co.uk/bbc-shropshire-overcoming-anxiety-interview
Raydiant (02-04-2020) 23 Small Business Owners Share What’s Working and What’s Not During The Coronavirus Crisis www.raydiant.com/blog/crisis-management-strategies-small-business-owners
Huffpost UK (30-01-2020) These Cold Weather Hacks Will Keep You Warm When It's Absolutely Freezing www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/cold-weather-hacks


OK Magazine (29-10-2019) What actually is Imposter Syndrome? www.pressreader.com/uk/ok-uk/20191029/283068416106609
IdeaPod (29-10-2019) Is introverted intuition helpful or harmful? ideapod.com/is-introverted-intuition-helpful-or-harmful/
TEDx Telford (17-09-2019) What Next? Entrepreneurship, the silver bullet in mental health treatment? www.katiewoodland.co.uk/tedtalk
HR Zone (05-09-2019) How to make virtual learning a social experience www.hrzone.com/community/blogs/jonathan-knight/how-to-make-virtual-learning-a-social-experience
Huffpost UK (12-08-2019) 1 in 3 Women Experience Urinary Incontinence - This Is How It Makes Them Feel www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/1-in-3-women-experience-incontinence-this-is-what-its-really-like
BBC Radio Shropshire (26-06-2019) Can A Hobby Really Keep You Mentally Healthy? www.katiewoodland.co.uk/bbc-radio-hobby-for-mental-health
Lama Online Magazine (25-05-2019) Interview With Katie Woodland lama-app.com/interview-with-Katie-Woodland
Express (12-02-2019) Detainment Backlash: 'Children Are Not Born Evil' Movie About James Bulger Murder Exammined www.express.co.uk/entertainment/films/1081566/Detainment-James-Bulger-murder-movie-Vincent-Lambe-Oscars-2019


Womens Inspire Network (Nov-2018) Katie Woodland - Featured Member www.womensinspirenetwork.com/featured-member/katie-woodland
Meet Your Guest-Expert: Katie Woodland
I'm a Maverick Psychologist, Business Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best-Selling Author who helps female entrepreneurs feel powerful so that they can create a business they love and leave a lasting impact on the world.

The only problem is right now, you're so trapped in fear, guilt and imposter syndrome that you don't believe anyone will take you seriously, you'll be 'found-out' for being a fraud or all your sales have been pure luck that you'll definitely be one of the 30% of businesses which fail in year number 2...

The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth & Happiness Series safely walks you through simple strategies, time-tested techniques and powerful practices to safeguard your emotional health so that you can effortlessly serve your customers and have the lasting impact you deserve on the world.

Start your journey today with the FREE book: https://ivegotthis.biz/free-book
Katie Woodland; Psychologist, Business Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author
Katie Woodland;
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