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Katie Woodland | 13-01-2020
Watch, Listen Or Read On To Discover How You Can Quickly Shift Your Perspective So That You Can Get Out Of Your Rut And Rapidly Transform Your Life From One Of Frustration, Fear And Failure To One Of Ease, Enthusiasm And Expectation!

Key Timestamps For The Busy Entrepreneur:

⏰ [01:02] How Squinting In The Mirror Transformed My Business.
⏰ [01:35] Uncover: The Fastest Way To Business Disaster...
⏰ [01:43] How To Stop Being Stuck In A Rut So That You Can Quickly Achieve Your Goals, Dreams And Desires!
⏰ [02:06] The Easiest Way To Shift Your Perspective On Mental Illness So That You Can Quickly Take Your Life From Frustration, Fear And Failure To Ease, Enthusiasm And Expectation! 
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Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something that happened this morning because I think it’s going to be super helpful if you’re feeling stuck at the moment.

Regardless of what it is you’re trying to achieve, it may just be the little lightbulb you need to get yourself over the proverbial hump! 

So this morning, as I was sat at the little vanity desk in my bedroom putting on my make-up. 

Thinking about all the things I needed to get done today, I noticed that as I’d moved from doing my foundation, which the way I do it requires very little accuracy. 

It’s more of a squirt and scrub than anything masterful… anyway I was applying my eyeshadow I started squinting to try and see what I was doing. 

I continued in this fashion, through applying my eyeliner and onto my mascara. 

Then all of a sudden, I stopped what I was doing and realised what was going on. 

I had been so distracted by all the things I needed to do that I had lost sight of the task at hand. 

If instead I had been paying attention to what I was doing, I’d have realised that I never flipped the mirror over after doing my hair!

You see, I have one of those mirrors which is normal on the one side then super doper, zoomed in on the other side. 

So you’re probably thinking why does this matter to you being stuck. 

Well, here’s the thing; when we’re distracted and just ploughing on ahead, it can be a long while before we realise we’re doing things the difficult route.

Taking the time to stop and reflect on what you’re doing can sometimes be the thing which enables you to see a different perspective. 

In my case this morning, once I’d realised what was happening, I was literally looking at myself from a different perspective. 

This is true for many different situations in my life over the years, and if you think about it, probably also true for you too. 

Take my TEDx talk for example, it helps to give a different perspective on the treatment of mental illness based on all the work I’ve been doing the past 5 years. 

For some who watch it, hearing me explain it in the way I do, it is like the mirror has been flipped over and now they quite literally see the world differently.

Over the past few weeks since its release, it has been the catalyst for many people to seek out ways which don’t just help them manage, cope or survive because of their mental health difficulty but instead rapidly transform their lives and thrive in spite of all that has occurred in their lives. 

So, if you’re feeling stuck, please do take a moment to step back and flip the mirror on your own situation. 

Oh and if you wanted to see the TEDx talk, the link’s below:

 Have a fabulous rest of your day and I’ll see you again real soon.

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Katie Woodland; Psychologist, Business Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author
Katie Woodland;

Psychologist, Business Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author
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