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Katie's Story:
Hi I’m Katie Woodland; Maverick Psychologist, Business Coach, TEDx Speaker & Best-Selling Author who helps women feel powerful while creating a business they love so that they can leave the world in a better place than when they joined. Key to this is helping women embrace their authenticity, allowing others to give to them and letting go of the need to be perfect.
While I’m now ‘living my best life’ it really wasn’t always this way…
After having a difficult start; experiencing verbal, physical and sexual abuse throughout my childhood, teenage years and early twenties, things came to a head in 2004 where I tried to end my life. This was a huge turning point for me and after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, I started on a journey to heal myself and heal others who had also suffered from similar levels of psychological, emotional and physical harm.
This led me to training as a psychologist, but rejecting the pre-defined models/schools of thought after launching my own mental health service in 2014 and discovering they are unable to do what I had been led to believe.
Instead of quitting, I embraced complementary therapies, holistic therapies and many self-development teaching methods and after some ‘tweaking’ so that they were effective for clients who were struggling with extreme mental illness. The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme (IHTP) was birthed, and I was able to successfully help all my clients heal after years of emotional torment.
Katie Woodland; MSc, BA, MBPsS, SNHS
Unfortunately, due to changes in the referral process from CAMHS and the Adult Mental Health Team, just 3 years after starting, my ability to secure clients vanished. This left me fumbling around online for a number of years. Sinking upwards of £35,000 on books, training courses and coaching to develop an online business.
Due to my need to create an online business and my involvement in many entrepreneurial groups very quickly my client base changed. I found myself working with female entrepreneurs who not only had a mission to heal the world based on their past experiences but also were struggling with many of the online business problems.
The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme morphed into a combination of mental health help and business advice.
Then in August 2018 The Female Entrepreneur Road Map To Health, Wealth and Happiness Series launched which embraces the ethos ‘your business is only as successful as you are healthy’. With my clients main focus being their health and building a sustainable business in the right order.
I would be honoured to have the opportunity to share with your audience simple scientifically proven strategies to balance their emotional health so that they are mentally strong enough to build a business they love and create a positive impact on the world in only the way that they can.
The 'official' version of who Katie is...
2020: Burtonwood Open College; Advanced Diploma Diet & Nutrition (Currently Undertaking)
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Counselling & Psychotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Hypnotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Aromatherapy
2014: Nottingham Trent University; Master of Science (MSc), Distinction, Applied Child Psychology
2010: Liverpool Hope University; Bachelor Of Arts with Honours (BA Hons), 2:1 Criminology & Psychology

Employment & Experience:
2018 - Present: Psychologist, Business Coach Speaker & Best-Selling Author; Katie Woodland
2014 - 2019: Psychologist & Founder; Woodland Psychological Services Ltd
2016 - Present: Member, Telford Suicide Prevention Board
2016 - 2017: Contributor, Huffington Post UK
​2014 - 2018: Vice Chair of Governors, William Reynolds Primary School (Telford)
2014 - 2018: Parish Councillor, Oakengates Town Council
2014-2017: Trustee, Telford Mind
2012 - 2014: Assistant Psychologist; Midlands Psychology
2012 - 2014: NSPCC; ChildLine Schools Service Volunteer
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