The Psychological Truth About Your Dreams

#MentalHealthMonday | Katie Woodland | 10-02-2020
Watch, Listen Or Read on To Discover The Unexpected Link Between A Zombie, A Crocodile And Your Teeth Falling Out And What It Means For Your Chance Of Success...


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DISCOVER: The Psychological Truth About Your Dreams & What They Mean For Your Chances Of Success!

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

So this morning, I woke up, looked to my right and there it was…

A zombie was stood, plain as you like, on my vanity table...

As though it didn’t have a care in the world...

Okay, so it wasn’t.

Zombies aren’t real.

But that’s not what was racing through my mind at 4:30 am.

What was racing through my mind was close to ‘holy [insert swear word of choice] there’s a zombie in the room.’

I’m sure after that brief introduction, you can tell that I’m one of those people who have nightmares.

In fact, the term nightmares doesn’t do it justice.

I have those fear-inducing waking nightmares too.

You know the ones which don’t melt away when you open your eyes but instead somehow seem to get more real?

Thankfully, though plagued with these as a child, and right up until my late twenties, they tend to be few and far between nowadays.

I remember, as a young child being haunted night after night by crocodiles coming to get me.

At the time, I lived in an RAF camp in Norfolk and had never seen a crocodile…

It wasn’t until many, many years later when I walked into my big sister's house and her two kids were watching Peter Pan did it click.

The thing is, that seeing a scary film isn’t the only thing that gives you nightmares.

It tends to happen when your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

Chances are it’s been trying to tell you the same thing for a while but you’ve just become an expert at ignoring it.

So where did the Zombie come from?

Well, the past few months my physical health has been all over the place.

I spent the two weeks at Christmas in bed, barely eating and barely awake.

Following the flu, I ruptured both eardrums and was on a hefty dose of antibiotics to clear the infection from my system – cue another week or so in bed.

Then as I started to regain my strength I did what I always do.

Dived in head first at 300 miles an hour.

Even though I was still recovering and not at full strength, I ploughed on regardless.

Then last Friday I started to struggle.

I started to feel really tired, a little run down and I was sneezing.

Saturday morning I woke up to what felt like acid being poured down my throat and being unable to breathe through my nose.

Just like that, I’d succumbed to a cold.

Not that it stopped me.

Instead, I just plugged in all 4 diffusers around the house and pumped them full of essential oils for immune support and respiratory health.

I ploughed on.

Sunday was more of the same…

So Monday morning came and my subconscious decided it needed to do something drastic to get my attention.

It sent me a Zombie.

Something from the Walking Dead because unless I stopped going 300 miles an hour, I’d likely be resembling a Zombie very soon.

Determined to avoid that fashion faux pa, I took the hint.

I rolled back over and had a lie-in.

I spent the morning journaling and leisurely walking the dogs (I say leisurely, the hail and snow was a little bit of a shock…).

It wasn’t until 11 am did I start working.

Trust me, in my world 11 am is a late start.

This time last week, I was at the laptop at 2 am typing away.

The problem is, I genuinely love what I do and if I wake up, I get up.

In fact, I often tell my clients that I have a unique ability to 'magic time'.

All that time I would have been asleep, I'm up either working or having fun in my hobby room.

Forget sleeping 9 hours a night, I do 6 and get 3 extra hours in my day.


The problem...

When you're poorly, 6 hours just isn't enough.

My problem...

My brain and my body aren't always quite so in sync...

You might be wondering how I knew that the Zombie was a not-so-subtle hint from my subconscious to get me to slow down.

Well, it’s simple.

We are feeling beings.

We feel, we act and then we think.

Our dreams reflect the feeling of something we have been ignoring.

Whether we haven’t taken time out to celebrate a big win during the day and end up winning the lottery during our dreams.

Or if we’ve been ignoring something we should be doing that’s terrifying us. 

The ‘feeling’ of what we’ve been ignoring will show up as a nightmare.

We just need to be paying attention when it comes.

I know, that if I dream all my teeth are falling out, I’ve been ignoring something to do with my finances.

My teeth falling out is literally my worst nightmare and the only thing that terrifies me as much as that is realising there are bills to pay and I’ve got no money and no way to get any money.

Years at university taught me that one!

But here’s the thing...

Tuning into how you feel isn’t just helpful in understanding why we’re dreaming what we’re dreaming, it also determines how successful you’ll be in life.

Taking action from a place of fear, anger or negativity will always lead to results which reflect those emotions.

We’re wired that way.

Thankfully, it also means taking action from a place of joy, happiness and awesomeness leads to results which boomerang goodness right back at you!
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