DISCOVER: The Real Reason You're Struggling To Succeed!

Katie Woodland | 29-01-2020
​If you’re not seeing the success you desire you need to ask yourself just one question… 

What am I afraid of?

Watch, Listen Or Read on to find out why it matters and how to ask in the way that paves the way for success and helps you avoid digging yourself into an emotional black hole…


xoxo Kaite

Key Timestamps For The Busy Entrepreneur:

⏰ [2:24] Revealed: The EASIEST Way To Spot That You're Heading For An Emotional Breakdown As An Entrepreneur...
⏰ [09:37] Leaked: The Most DANGEROUS Thing You Can Do To Overcome Mental Illness...
⏰ [10:48] Discover: The Real Reason You're TRAPPED In A Cycle Of Negativity, Self-Doubt and Self-Loathing...
⏰ [15:03] Revealed: The Only Decision Every Entrepreneur Needs To Make To Succeed!

Maverick Psychologist Reveals: How To Experience Peace, Calm And Freedom In Your Life... (In As Little As 28 Days From Today)... 
Without having to pop pills, bare your soul or tell anyone you’re struggling to cope!

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

The first couple of years in business were awesome!

I was running on a mix of caffeine, purpose and passion.

Everything just seemed to flow.

Clients came out of nowhere, I was making friends with other business owners and I was enjoying learning all the behind the scenes tech type stuff.

Then things got hard...

All of a sudden I just couldn't seem to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and what was going on!

It was driving me insane!

After leaving my job as an assistant psychologist because of all the red tape, impossibly high criteria and random hoops people needed to go through to get help...

I was determined to shake up the mental health industry.

In fact, I was out to prove that the whole 'treatment resistant' idea was complete nonsense and that no matter how unwell someone was, they could get better.

Completely rebelling against the idea that some people are 'ill for life'.

I was determined to be the champion driving this change...

But I also didn't want to waste all the 10+ years I'd spent in education, training and honing my skills by just walking away from the mental health service I'd built.

More importantly, the thought of letting my family down filled me with untold guilt.

The problem was I somehow found myself trapped in this weird catch 22...

I was desperate to 'make it work' yet unable to do the things I needed to in order to actually 'make it work'...

I couldn't follow up with someone who had asked me for help.

As though there was something wrong with my fingers, the keyboard or my physical ability to put the right words together even though I'd been doing the exact same thing for the previous two years...

This physical, emotional and mental block was happening even if they'd literally emailed saying things like; 'how much do you charge', 'when can I start working with you?' or even 'do you still have space in your diary because I want you to help me'.

I'd schedule into my diary a set time to do the follow ups but still couldn't do it!

At the time, I was also running 'managing mental illness' workshops for schools and businesses.

I'd worked along amazing organisations like Midland Air Ambulance, Blenheim Palace and The Morris Care Homes.

I'd also supported local schools, small businesses and charities.

But for some reason, I was unable to go onto LinkedIn and respond to the people enquiring about the workshops, I couldn't reach out to new prospects and I couldn't even bring myself to post a social post advertising the service!

Because I knew 'selling' is the most important skill any successful entrepreneur has and for some reason I'd become incapable of selling!

It didn't matter that I'd previously run telethon campaigns, worked in a commission only call centre and spent one summer at University knocking on doors for a charity...

I went ahead at my usual 300 mph pace and spent well over £10,000 on sales training...

I learned how to write sales copy for my website, I learned how to craft compelling social media posts, how to run Facebook and YouTube advertising campaigns, how to run a full blown course launch, how to create webinars, how to sell at events and I even undertook a 7-figure phone sales programme.

All these different programmes, courses and training packages came with untold amounts of resources, plug-and-play sequences and follow-along scripts.

They couldn't have made my life any easier.

Yet for some reason it didn't matter...

I still couldn't pick up the phone, reply to emails or pitch my services.

I started to get really frustrated.

Every time I was on social media I'd see someone else being much more successful than me.

Someone else having an easy time of it.

New entrepreneurs popping up every second all of whom saying things like they'd gone from '£0 to £100,000 in just 6 months and it's easier than you think'.


I'd been at this frigging game over 2 years and it wasn't bloody easy!

Then one such angry day as I was procrastinating and scrolling through Facebook and I spot a video from a self-development guru.

It was as if the Facebook Gods we're listening in ...

The video was all about 'money blocks' and 'money mindset'.

More importantly, it was all about how we 'reject' money because of these limiting beliefs we didn't know we had!

For most people who've been in the business world a while or a regular follower of self-development the term mindset, blocks and limiting beliefs is everyday terminology.

For me, even though I trained as a psychologist it was a revelation.

I'd never heard these terms before.

The lady in the video was listing off all these things that I was doing and it was though the proverbial lightbulb had gone off in my head!

Once again, I dived head-first into fixing things at 300 mph...

I trawled through Waterstones online and bought books like; 'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero, 'Emotional Currency' by Kate Levinson, 'The Fear Cure' by Lissa Rankin MD, 'Get Rich Lucky B' by Denise Duffield Thomas and 'Tapping Into Wealth' by Margaret M Lynch...

I raided my Audible credits and bought books like; 'The Universe Has Your Back' By Gabbrielle Bernstein, 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill, 'I Can Make You Confident' by Paul McKenna, 'You Are A Baddass At Making Money' By Jen Sincero and 'The Big Leap' by Gay Hendricks... so that I could learn while doing my 3 favourite procrastination habits; walking the dogs, cleaning and gardening...

I took Denise Duffield Thomas; 'Money Bootcamp' online programme, Danielle LaPorte's 'Fire Starter Sessions', Mike Dooleys 'Playing The Matrix'...

Plus a fair few more books, audio-books and courses.

You name it, I've probably got it.

I'm pretty convinced I have every self-help 'overcome your money shit' book, the audio-book or workbook stashed somewhere in my office!

Once I'd suitably dosed up on self-help I roped in my big sister to be my sales accountability partner.

I literally had her come around the house and sit next to me for a couple of hours a week so that I could send follow-up emails and make calls.

The first time she came round, it took me over an hour to actually pick up the phone and call someone...

I was so freaked out by the whole thing, I panicked, rushed through the call, hung up and said I had done enough until next week!
Finally, I set goals, scheduled in everything I needed to do to 'make it happen'...

Then magically clients, money and success started flowing to me... #bullshit

There was no overnight success.

In fact, there was no concernable difference in my ability to do anything...

It didn't matter that I diligently crafted my money memoirs, dived in deep to my parents experiences with money, my sisters and money, my limiting beliefs, my fears... everything I was asked to do I did.

Yet, it still wasn't making a single difference to my ability to take action!

I still got caught up in my avoidance and procrastination habits.

I still had to rely on my big sister to come round armed with the digestive biscuits, a prepared motivational pep talk and a stern look just to get me to pick up the phone or reply to emails...

I completely ignored my goals, my to-do list and my schedule.

I couldn't care less about what I was supposed to do and instead was still trapped.

Then a client came along who was really unwell.

In fact, they were so unwell that it was unlikely they'd be here in a couple of weeks if I didn't help them...

The realisation that I was literally the one thing that would make a difference between someone choosing to live or choosing to take their own life instantly shook me out of my inward-looking, self-defeatist and zombie-like stupor...

One of the most amazing things about working privately with me for your mental health is that you literally get access to me 24/7 for the duration of the 12 weeks.

I actively encourage all my clients to get in touch whenever things go wobbly because it helps me, help them in the way they truly need.

The thing that was different about this client is what happened next...

All of a sudden there were email after email, text after text and even a few voice messages about all the things he was dealing with.

Over 20 years of notes from past therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists landed in my inbox.

Photos of years and years of his own notes, analysis of his notes and negative self-talk arrived via WatsApp.

It was like an explosion of negativity via cyberspace!

During the first session, I asked about all of his notes and he explained, everyone he'd worked with had told him the importance of writing everything down and trying to analyse it so that he could then overcome it.

He could tell by my face that I was horrified.

He stopped talking and I just said; 'Please don't ever write anything negative down ever again. What you are doing is the worst possible thing you can do in the world.'

I also then told him to burn everything.

Which set off a panic attack, so we came to an agreement that everything go in an envelope and be given to his mum and dad who were not allowed to give it him back until after the sessions had finished, no matter how hard he begged.

As I was telling him this... another light-bulb went off in my head...

I was doing the exact same thing with my 'money blocks' and limiting beliefs...

I discovered reasons for doing what I was doing, then believed these were the reasons and now needed a way to undo these beliefs I'd just created...

It's kinda like how you feel about pink elephants...

Before I mentioned them, you probably didn't think about pink elephants at all.

In fact, you may never have thought about pink elephants.

But now that I keep mentioning them, talking about them and you're reading about them, you're probably vaguely aware of them circling around in your subconscious...

The good thing about pink elephants is that we have no emotional attachment to them.

We couldn't care less whether they exist...

The problem is that when we hone our focus on the things that freak us out, make us feel ashamed, sad, angry, depressed, worthless ... we trigger the automatic biological physical reaction in our bodies.

This then triggers more feelings, actions and thoughts which match the feeling we're having.

This is how we not only spark the cycle of negativity but trap ourselves in it!

I couldn't believe I had done this to myself!

I knew that doing this when you're struggling with mental illness is literally the most dangerous thing you can do because it turns past memories into hard and fast beliefs about who we are as a person, our situation and our future - even if it's a completely warped perception!

Because I had been truly afraid of uncovering what was going on, I jumped on the idea of a 'money block' then literally been turning random one-off events in my past into 'proof' that this is my reality!

In fact, it's probably the same reason you've been struggling to get yourself out of the negativity trap you've fallen into, regardless of the reason for the trap.

You see, it's not just me who does this...

It's not just my clients who do this...

It's even not the tiny population of  you, me and them who does this...

It's everyone.

We're literally wired this way!

You may, or may not have heard of the psychological phenomenon - self-fulfilling prophecy?

If you haven't don't worry, it's a super simple concept which basically means that you become what you think about.

For example, I used to be really clumsy.

I mean really clumsy.

I would walk into tables which have been in the same place for years, walk into door frames that have always been in the same place and even headbutt doors while sneezing!

In fact, the bruising was so noticeable it had some quite funny unintended consequences...

One summer, early on in my retail career I was having a particularly bad hay-fever season.

I'd banged my head numerous times while sneezing, fallen down the stairs and was also combating the frequent nose-bleeds which occur as the inside of the nose dries out from all the blowing.

After running past the store manager one particular evening with a tissue shoved up against my nose things took a very strange turn when I next came in a few days later.

Before going onto the shop floor I was asked to go to the store managers office.

As I opened the door, there's another lady sitting there.

She's introduced as a HR person from head-office.

I immediately thought I was getting sacked, even though I hadn't done anything wrong, but why else would she be there?!

As I sat down, the store manager explains that they're concerned about me, my bruises and my bleeding nose.

I explained what was happening.

They looked at each other, then she said softly; 'You can trust us to help you if your partner is doing this.'

I looked back, utterly confused...


Doing what?

It's a medical condition...?

Then I got it.

They thought he was abusing me!

I started laughing, they looked offended but eventually let me go.

I headed into the toilets still chuckling to myself.

As I came out of the cubicle I noticed the HR lady washing her hands, then just as I went to fully open the door and walk through I sneezed and smashed my head against the door.

She just stared at me.

As though I  was something that you hear about but don't quite believe.

Like I was a unicorn or leprechaun or something.

She shook her head and said 'You really are just clumsy aren't you?'.

That was that.

But the thing was, for years, I accepted that I was this clumsy person. 

I accepted and joked about how I was an 'expert stairs faller' I had done it that many times...

Oh and if you're wondering, don't reach for the banister, tuck everything in and protect your head. Doing this means you'll make it to the bottom bruised but without broken bones #yourewelcome

Anyways, I completely accepted this part of my persona and every-time I did something which fit this narrative it made it stronger.

I was proving to myself over and over that this is the truth of who I am.

Then after learning about self-fulfilling prophercy at University I decided I was not a clumsy person.

This decision instantly changed everything.

Since then I haven't fallen down the stairs, walked into tables or headbutted any doors while sneezing.


I get that not falling down the stairs isn't something to celebrate for most people, for me it happened every 18 months or so and sometimes multiple times in an 18 month period.

Here's what was going on psychologically...

Before making the decision that I was not a clumsy person, everything that happened was just an event which occured I made an 'I am' statement about myself.

When we do this, our subconsious says 'Yo that's awesome, here's some other times you were also this person' and throws loads of other memories at you which make that statement true...

Your brain is giving you proof.

The more proof, the more convinced you become and the more you identify as that person.

Whether this identity is 100% true, e.g., your naural hair colour, or 100% false like me being a clumsy person.

Yes, I had periods of clumsyness but probably totaled up to less than  1% of my time alive...

I was not a clumsy peson, I was just having clumsy experiences.

Once I rejected the 'I am a clumsy person' idently, my brain stopped reminding me of past incidents and this also in turn affected my future behaviours.

Our beliefs determin our actions - always.

This is the self-fulfilling prophercy that we all fall into.

Like I said before, we're hard-wired that way...

It took me being so afraid of someone dying to wake-me up and shake me out of this cycle I'd become trapped in.

Thankfully, if you're trapped there, you don't need to wait until someones life is in your hand to get out of it!

All you need to do is ask yourself; What Am I Afraid Of?

Most importantly, you need to delve in deep.

You need to move past your surface beliefs and into whats going on underneath.

Once you get there you need to do the most important thing of all...

You need to look at the other side.

You need to look at all the times this belief is true and all the times it is not true.

You need to find the truth, not your perceptual truth created by your self-fulfilling prophercy and fear-based beliefs.

So, I did this one thing with all the money based  shit I'd spent months writing down.

I found multiple 'proofs' of why limiting beliefs weren't true, I overturned my 'money memoirs' and completely rejected everything that I had been led to believe.

The truth was; I wasn't bad with money, sometimes I'd spend, sometimes I'd save.

I didn't hate money, think it was evil or believe I wasn't worthy.

I loved money, I thought it was a great concept and I knew that I was worthy of having money.

Until the random blip two years into my business, I'd always had money.

I'd always had a job, some paid better than others but the money was always there.

I found money frequently, won money on the lottery (only very small amounts) and would recieve gifts of money from others when they'd buy me a coffee, a cake and even both at the same time!

Once I did this with the money based limiting beliefs that I had generated by follwing well-meaning but completey unsound advice...

I discovered the real reason I was struggling in business...

I discovered that I was afraid of succeeding...

I realised that the real reason I couldn't follow up with someone, make a call or post on social media was not because I was 'rejecting money', it was because I believed that the more people I helped, the more chance I had of working with someone, failing and them ending their own life...

Once I understood that I was afraid of being responsible for someone elses life I truly 'got it' for the first time.

Because, you see, I'm not responsible for the choice someone makes about their life.

Chosing whether we live or die is our fundamental right.

After all, we were given free will ... right?

It reminded me of when I was on the M6 in 2004, making that very choice myself, before I experienced my 'traffic intervention'. 
How would I have felt if someone had opened the door to my car and said, 'Oh no, you can't make this choice, we've made it for you and you have to continue to live the life you hate'.

Don't get me wrong, I am truly grateful for the two lorries which pretty much did this for me, but at the time, I was fuming.

This memory helped to jar me into the reality of my responsibility as a psychologist.

It's my responsibility to serve the people who come to me for help.

It's my responsibility to support someone to make decisions which will free them from emotional and mental anguish.

It's my responsibility to share the information, tools and techniques in such a way that people who need them can use them...

BUT, it is not my responsibility to make that decision for them.

That's their responsibility.

That's their choice

In fact, it's their most sacred choice and not one I have a right to take away.

It's also your most sacred choice.

Don't get me wrong.

It breaks my heart when people make the choice to give up.

It tears me in two knowing that there was a way out, they just hadn't found it yet.

It cripples me everytime I jump onto Twitter and see yet another person has been failed by the mental health professionals who took an oath to protect them.

But, it isn't my right to deprive them of the choice to do this.

We turn a blind eye if someone was so physically unwell they chose to die, why is it OK  to stop someone who's so emotionally unwell they also want the same dignity and pain-free existence?

Embracing this, I was able to let go of the responsibility.

I let go of the need to control, protect and intervine.

I accepted and embraced everyones right to choose whether they live or die.

Once I did this...

That's when the magic happened for my business, my life and my future.

That's when the clients started flowing in.

That's when my business became effortless.

That's when everything happened just as it should.

So please, be careful.

Don't get trapped in what somoene else said is the problem, you need to uncover the truth of your own situation otherwise you'll forever stay trapped in the negative cycle your in.

Once you uncover it, chances are you'll also be inspired to do lots of 'positive thinking'...

Please don't do this.

It won't work.

It goes against our biology.

You can't ignore how you feel and 'think' your way out of a negative situation.

You can't ignore how you feel and 'think' your way out of a negative situation.

Just think about babies for a moment.

They don't think.

They don't have words.

They just are.

They 'feel'.

They learn to 'act'

Then, after a few years and some hardcore education they are able to construct thought patterns and associate consequences to actions.

Thinking your way out of a negative situation is utter nonsense and goes against how we're wired.

Chances are, this is why affirmations didn't work, visualisation didn't work and all those other self-development tools you tried left you feeling like you'd failed, that you were broken and that you could never be fixed.

Your subconsious then decided; 'I'm broken', 'I can't be fixed,' I'm a failure.'...

Their well-meaning but completely misplaced advice caused you to identify with someone who will forever be trapped...

Please, whatever you do, stop pretending your life is full of sunshines, unicorns and rainbows when it is a complete shit-storm... hoping it will magically change is not only useless, it is one of the most dangerous things you can do.

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