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#WealthWednesday | Katie Woodland | 04-03-2020
Watch, Listen Or Read On To DISCOVER: The 3 Things Every Business Needs To Consistently Generate An Income  And Most Importantly, Profits, Not Just Revenue In Todays Online World.


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The SECRET To A Legitimately Profitable Business

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

Way back in 2014, when I first set out in business I thought I knew what I was doing because I'd successfully managed and run highly profitable offline retail stores.

I'd also run phenomenal telephone sales campaigns for my University, generated a regular income as a commission-only salesperson (including knocking on doors...) and successfully ran two political campaigns (helping two MPs into their seats at the same time).

I mean, I was a whizz at getting things done, getting out there come rain or shine and had a track record of winning.

The problem, running your own business, putting yourself into the firing line and trying to successfully manage 'all-the-things' that come with running a business is frigging hard.

Okay, in fairness, hard is an understatement - it's impossible.

No matter how many hours you work you always end up dropping one of the million juggling balls.

Whether you missed sending a blog post out, forgot to follow up with someone or your website still has a 'we're creating this' sign 3 months after you set out.

There are always more things to do than hours in the day.

The first few years in business is a constant struggle between managing the time you have and the money you're making.

The more time, the more money-generating activities you can do.

But then once you get some clients, your time is diverted to fulfilling on your promise and you're left with no time to do the money-generating activities which got you the clients...

Unbeknown to you, you end up firmly trapped on the cash-flow-rollercoaster.

The difference between this one and the one at Alton Towers (or any other theme park) is that this one is NEVER fun.

It's always fuelled by guilt, shame and desperation.

The real problem is that when you end up here it's almost impossible to become profitable.

Consistency in your business is the only way to profitability.

It was this constant scramble for cash which almost sealed my fate back in 2017.

That was such a random year.

I'd have months and months of £0.

Then all of a sudden £3k, £5k or £10k would happen in a month.




You see, unfortunately, all that money would disappear playing catch-up on the £0 months...

You may even be experiencing this whole debacle right now.

If you are - I genuinely feel your pain.

Even though it was a couple of years ago, I still shudder to think about those days.

The constant anguish, fear and frustration.

Never knowing from one minute to the next whether I could pay for the website, the phone or even put petrol in the car.

I am soooo grateful for the 'free-time' I was gifted that year which enabled me the opportunity to dive into understanding all things consistency.

If I hadn't there's no way I'd be here with you today.

You wanna know what's truly depressing about the whole thing?

Having consistency is actually really easy.

Ready to discover the secret?

Okay, here it is - understanding where your customer is in the buying cycle and haveing specific products/services to match their needs.

After doing this a while, I get you're probably freaking out a little because that sounds like a lot of work.

It sounds like you need to have a million different products/services and throw out unlimited numbers of social media posts, blog posts and ads...

I promise you don't.

You just need 3.

Okay, maybe 4 but one of them is a free thing and would take you 5 mins to do so it kinda doesn't count.

The 3 (kinda 4) Things You Need To Have A Profitable Business:

1) Your Super Juicy, 100% Free Thing

This thing is something super juicy that they desperately want which you'll give them in exchange for their email address. This is also known as a lead magnet, opt-in, freebie...

To make it super juicy you need to ensure it's easily consumable and fixes one specific problem.

Take the Clinical Personality Test for example.

This only appeals to female entrepreneurs who are concerned their personality is playing havoc with their ability to be successful.

This only appeals to female entrepreneurs who know they need to master selling to make money yet even thinking about selling is currently bringing them out in hives... 

The exact same customer but both struggling with something slightly different in their ability to create a profitable business.

2) Your Super Cheap Super, Juicy Thing (£7, £17 or £27)

Once you've enticed your customer with the super juicy free thing you can effortlessly convince 2% - 30% to purchase something from you straight away.

Just think about your own email list for a moment.

How many people have willingly given you their email address?

Now think about how much money you've just lost if you are really bad at this whole selling thing and only got 2% of them to pay you £27.

If you've got 100 people on your email list you've just missed out on £54...

Got more than 100 people?

Let's not do the maths... I'm not here to make you cry!

Now, just to put this into context...

Back when I was running the mental health service, I didn't know about this and I had over 3,000 people on my email list...

The best thing about this super cheap, super juicy 'thing' is it doesn't have to be something you've produced.

In fact, the best things to go in here are things which someone else has to fulfil on and you just get the cash.

Whether you choose to go the PLR route, affiliate route or create your own digital product comes down to how much free time your cash-flow-rollercoaster is gifting you right now.

Just make sure it makes sense.

Like, I wouldn't offer my 'No Hustle: More Money' Masterclass bundle to women who take the Personality Test, but I would to those who opt-in for the Sleaze Free Selling PDF.

3) Your Instantly Consumable In-Depth Thing (£500 - £3000)

Okay, so here's where things start to heat up.

Here's where you can start to see the financially free future you've been dreaming of.

In an ideal world, this 'thing' is something which your customer does on their own, without your help.

They show up, they go all in and instantly get the thing they've purchased.

Well, if it's a physical product, then they get the thing as soon as it's delivered...

This is slightly harder to set up.

You need to know your customers really well to get them to say yes to something over £500.

But, because you've been busily building your email list (Thing Number 1) and getting paid to do so (Thing Number 2) you have the time to do this without needing to worry that nothing is coming in.

Again, this 'thing' needs to make sense to your customer and link in with thing #1 and #2.

So for me, this is where my Emotionally Free Life Programme and The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health Wealth and Happiness Programmes come in.

My audience goes to a webinar, they're told all about the programmes and they instantly access what they've purchased.

Now, unlike most programmes, I take an active part in these.

This is not because I'm a glutton for punishment, it's because out of integrity to the people who invest, I know they'll need my help to get the results they deserve and I'm 100% committed to them.

You don't have to be.

In some industries, it's really not necessary.

This is something you need to decide for yourself.

4) The Intensive Work Together Thing (£3000+)

Now, this is where things get really, really exciting.

This is where the big bucks are to be made and where you can spend your time doing the thing you love, with the clients you love to work with.

Whether you have a product or a service, you always need some type of premium package where your customer has exclusive access to live people.

The problem is that most service-based businesses start here.

I did.

All my clients do.

Through no fault of our own, it's how we're wired.

We thrive on the results our clients get and know they will get the absolute best results when we're guiding them by the hand.

The reason why starting with the 'intensive work together thing' is so dangerous if you want to build a profitable business is because this is the one which always relies on you.

You are both the salesperson and the fulfilment person.

You only have time to sell when you have no clients...

When you have clients you have no time to sell...

The biggest problem, only 1%-2% of your perfect clients are ever interested in working with you so intently.

That means, you need a lot (and I mean a lot) of people to follow you, love you (trust me, love is not a typo) and trust you enough to hand over the keys to their future to maintain some level of normal income. 
However, if you start with the super juicy, 100% free thing you're not only snapping up the people who follow, love and trust you, you're also getting in front of the people who don't quite know who you are yet, those who know who you are but are not sure if they like you and those who know you, like you but are not sure if they trust you.
What this actually means is you are able to capture people at the beginning of the buying cycle and shower them with love (through content e.g., blogs like this).

Over time, they become spellbound.

If you do it well, someone who gives you their email address today can be laying down thousands with you in just a couple of months time.

Even if you completely mess it up, someone who gives you their email today will be laying down thousands with you within 12 months or so.

Trust me.

I used to be terrible at this whole business thing and I'd still get clients.

Thankfully, I'm no longer terrible!

But, it all started with understanding the fastest way to a profitable business is by grabbing hold of people when they're just starting to wobble then showering them with awesomeness every single week.

Happy showering ;)

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