The TRUE Cost Of Emotional And Mental Health Recovery...

#MentalHealthMonday | Katie Woodland | 06-04-2020
Watch, Listen Or Read On to Discover The TRUE Cost Of Having An Emotionally And Mentally Healthy Life, Even If You've Struggled With Mental Illness For Many Years. 

PLUS! Uncover The SHOCK Discovery Which Turned Mental Health Recovery On Its Head... So That You Can Alter The Course Of Your Recovery Journey Faster And Easier Than Ever Before!


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The TRUE Cost Of Emotional And Mental Health...

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FREE LIVE WEBCLASS REVEALS: How To Guarantee You Feel Good Every Day Without Taking Drugs, Drinking Yourself Into Oblivion Or Needing To Have A Therapist On Speed Dial For The Rest Of Your Life!

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

For the past 6 years or so I've been helping people heal emotionally.
I've seen people with situations similar to my own and those vastly different to my own.

What I discovered along the way really shocked me.

It goes against everything I learned during my training.

You see, I was led to believe that some people, some situations and some experiences will scar for life.

With no hope of recovery.

In fact, the hardest part of my job when working with people who are struggling with their mental health is not the intensive therapy process.

The hardest part of my job is helping people understand that they have control of how much their past influences their present moment and their future.

No one else can control how we feel, what we do or what we think unless we allow them to.

I understand that if you're still trapped in all the horrific events of your past that what I've just said seems like I'm being flippant, dismissive and even blaming you for your situation.

I promise that is not my intention.

It is just something I feel the medical professionals, mental health professionals and researchers are very poor at communicating.

I learned that some mental health disorders could never be cured.

I learned that if someone had struggled for years, the best they could hope for was survival.

I learned that if someone had been through a truly horrific experience then this would stay with them for life, no matter what treatment was used.

It's why medication is so relied upon.

It's not about treating people or helping people recover, it's about dampening down the emotional trauma and crossing your fingers that they can live some semblance of a normal life.

As someone who has both been through traumatic experiences of my own, and been supporting people through it for many years knowing this truly breaks my heart.

But it's also why I do things like this.

Sometimes, the blogs, vlogs and podcast episodes which go out may seem really light-hearted and jovial but I always aim to give honest, helpful and hopeful advice to those watching.

Inside both of these are clinically proven techniques used to treat mental illness.

It takes me around 3 hours to produce a vlog, blog or podcast.

If we transferred that into my hourly rate, that's £750...

The thing is, while money is one resource that many people struggle with throughout their lives, it's not the most precious.

Time is.

You see, time is the only resource which never replenishes.

I give my time to you so that you may find peace.

All you need to do is honour my time, by dedicating your time to implementing the steps.

Many of you reading this won't.

Many of you who've read the other blog posts, watched the video's or listened to the podcasts will dismiss the information and keep searching for the 'earth-shattering, click-your fingers, instant solution'...

The problem is that this doesn't exist.

It has taken you many years to end up where you are today.

It will take you many more to reverse the effects of your past trauma.

It took me over 15 years to heal from the pain of the 21 years before that.

Thankfully, it doesn't have to take you 15 years.

I literally made all the mistakes so that you don't have too!

My clients discover things like:
 How to SAFELY navigate the unpredictable, unexpected and unkind world without relying on drink, drugs or a therapist for the rest of your life;
 How to INSTANTLY regain control of your feelings, actions and thoughts even if you’ve been trapped in a cycle of emotional and mental turbulence for years; and
 How To GUARANTEE you don’t just survive despite all that’s happened, instead you thrive because of everything you’ve experienced.

So that they can CONFIDENTLY rebuild their lives, their relationships and their financial position, without feeling isolated, alone and as though their life is meaningless...

But the best thing is within 4 weeks they're truly feeling good for the first time in years.

Within 8 weeks, they've discovered how to let go of past trauma and no longer have their past dictate their future.

By the end of the 12 weeks, they are genuinely excited to experience their future.

Something unimaginable for all of them on day 1.

So here's my question for you...

Are you prepared to spend just one hour of your time uncovering the little-known simple strategies everyone can use to wake up feeling amazing every single day... even if you've been struggling to manage your mental health for years, you can't remember the last time you felt good or you have tried everything before yet nothing has worked!

...So that just like my past clients you too can learn how to guarantee you feel good every single day.

I suppose the real question, is can you afford not to?

Can you really imagine the rest of your life is the exact same as it is right now?

What if you were able to improve your life by just 10%...

Would that make the cost of one hour of your time worthwhile?

Click the button below to register for the upcoming live FREE webclass so that you can experience life on the other side of the fence.

I promise you, this is one of those times when the grass is definitely greener.
See you then.


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