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UNCOVER The Truth About Stress, Depression And Anxiety The Medical, Scientific And Pharmaceutical Industry Are Desperately Trying To Keep Hidden So That You Can Finally Experience Mental Freedom ...

...even if you've been struggling with mental illness for years, have tried multiple types of treatment before which has never worked or you have multiple mental health diagnoses!

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Katie Woodland; Internationally Renowned Psychologist and Best-Selling Author REVEALS a revolutionary new technique helping thousands of people worldwide to reverse the symptoms of stress, depression or anxiety in under 4 weeks even if they've been plagued by mental illness for years!
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How To Experience Mental And Emotional Freedom In As Little As 4 Weeks From Today...

...even if you've struggled for years, tried multiple therapies before which haven't worked or are so fed up with your life you have a well-oiled plan of how to escape it all...

You Need To Know The TRUTH About Mental Illness...
For millennia scientists, researchers and medical professionals have been perplexed by the complicatedness of the human mind ...
In 5000 BCE it was believed mental illness occurred because of possession by evil spirits ... yet even after prayers, exorcisms and even holes were chipped into a person's skull the illness prevailed...
In 460 BCE Hippocrates was born and after many years studying the human body, the 'Godfather of Modern Medicine' declared the reason for mental illness be due to an imbalance of the four humours ... yet even after purging the body of bile, using leeches to let blood and induced vomiting many continued to suffer greatly from the effects of mental illness...
By 1460 CE the first mental asylums in Europe were cropping up where those plagued by emotional trauma were beaten, abused and left to rot... most notably the English asylum nicknamed Bedlam which utilised 'shock' treatments, restraints and torture...
By 1939 Sigmund Freud had released 24 volumes explaining the nature of personality and psychopathology delving into a person's dreams, their childhood and subconscious thoughts and developing the first 'talking therapies' ...  yet the battle between the id, the ego and the superego raged on in many of the patents he and his followers tried to treat...
 Advanced issue found
At the same time, as it became possible to understand our genetic code a biological model of mental illness was emerging ... yet after delivering psychosurgeries (lobotomies), psychopharmacolgical treatments (medication) and electroconvulsive therapy to thousands upon thousands the mentally ill continued to decline...
Today, those struggling with mental illness are prescribed with medication, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling ... yet after hundreds of thousands of patients have received these treatments, after decades of testing and after extreme advancements in modern medicine, the number of people struggling with mental illness continues to increase...

In spite of thousands of years worth of treatment in 2019 mental ill health became the leading cause of disability worldwide accounting for 30% of all non-fatal diseases...

You can be forgiven for thinking that there is no hope, that things will continue to get worse and that you might as well resign yourself to an eternity of helplessness, worthlessness and unending emotional and mental turbulence...

Thankfully, that's not the case!
In 2007 Michael M. Merzenich made a discovery that shook the world...
He discovered that the human brain's ability to shape, wire and re-wire did not stop after adolescence as scientists had previously believed...

He showed without a shadow of a doubt that a fully formed adult brain could be re-forged with the right support, guidance and help.

His research undeniably proved...

We not only have the natural, inherent power to wire our brains to function but to rewire them at any point in time...
But his research was just the beginning...
Since a fateful day in 2004 when a distraught, broken and damaged shell of woman in a desperate bid to end a life which had thus far been a never-ending cycle of abuse at the hands of friends, peers and professional colleagues...

Found herself trying to run her car off the road...

Only to be thwarted by circumstance and instead initiated a series of events which not only changed her life, but also changed the lives of thousands in the years to come.

Emerging from the failed suicide attempt emerged a straight-shooting, non-judgemental and determined young woman who set out on a journey to stop others meeting the same fate.
Over the course of the next few years, she studied hard, worked hard and drove herself to near-exhaustion wading through scientific research, medical jargon and countless lectures which pushed the very boundaries of what she believed was possible so that she could finally rid herself of her past, embrace a life of happiness and carve out a future which leaves the world in a better place than when she joined.
In 2014, just 10 years after that fateful day, full of excitement, enthusiasm and endless optimism a newly trained BioPsychoSocial Psychologist embraced her mission...
Armed with a burning desire to help others truly escape mental illness, not just for a day, but every day, she set to work.
First, she used the psychological tools she knew to create an individualised and integrated treatment model including things like; attachment therapy, biofeedback, bibliotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, experiential therapy, exposure and response therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, positive psychology, reality therapy, solution-focused therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy...
Though many she whorled alongside saw improvements to their health it was not enough...

They were struggling to thrive...
Next, she went rogue...
She threw off the white coat, burned the books and escaped the emotional handcuffs binding her to the old, outdated and obsolete treatment methods only ever proven to work 33% of the time. 
Instead of ignoring the rumblings from the community about complementary, alternative and integrated healing practices from around the world she put her ear to the ground and started to truly listen for the first time...
Having a wealth of personal trauma in her past, she became her own therapeutic Guinea Pig...
After diving into the research she enrolled in course after course, undertook diploma after diploma and tried method after method...
She uncovered the healing potential of things like: hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, meditation, yoga, Feng Shui, food, creative activities, laughter...
With every technique she applied to herself she felt a weight she didn't know was there melt away...
But it wasn't just her...
Clients who's recovery had stilted started to see rapid reductions in their symptoms for the first time in years...
Every day she committed to bringing her clients everything they needed to succeed, their experiences, their trauma and their desires led the journey...
One by one, it was as though her clients had never been ill.
Then one day, she found herself staring at the computer, her mind racing... 
She'd uncovered the truth...
Mental illness, is not an illness at all...
'Mental illness' is simply an unhelpful re-wiring of our brains in order to cope with a traumatic event or series of traumatic events...
...there was hope for everyone plagued by mental illness to not only completely reverse the effects of mental illness but also irradicate all symptoms... forever!
She'd stumbled upon a solution so powerful, so predictable and so potent it was time to share it with the world...
Since 2016 Katie Woodland; Maverick Psychologist has intimately worked alongside hundreds of people struggling to manage their mental health as well as supporting thousands worldwide.
She's been featured in well loved print media such as OK Magazine, has delivered a TEDx talk on healing from mental illness and has been interviewed throughout the world.
But through everything, she still continues to work on the front-line bringing hope, happiness and healing to those who desperately need to escape the helplessness, worthlessness and unending emotional trauma of their lives...
Since that day, others, just like you struggling with mental illness were given hope at a life which did not require desperately seeking ways to cope, to manage or to struggle with their mind you can instead be free to experience a life without pain, without fear and a without the never-ending barrage of thoughts crippling you every waking hour.
Isn't it time you too were free from mental illness, not just for a day... but for every day?


DISCOVER The Breakthrough Mental Health Treatment Method Which Is Giving People, Just Like You, Back Control Of Their Emotions, Their Mind And Their Life In Under 4 Weeks...
The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme is a safe, effective and clinically proven long-term treatment for mental illness created by Internationally Renowned Psychologist Katie Woodland; MSc, BA, MBPsS, SNHS.
How Does It Work?
Unlike the most commonly prescribed methods of treatment; counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, the Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme has been specifically designed to help you utilise the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques so that you can: 
Safely hack your biology and psychology to instantly reverse the symptoms of mental illness even if you've been struggling to manage the symptoms of mental ill-health for many years,
Completely overcome past traumatic events so that you are able to look back at your memories without any emotional attachment to your past or triggering another episode.
Unleash your lost, forgotten and confused unique identity so that you are motivated, empowered and inspired to forge a future which brings you joy, peace and happiness every single day.
Over the course of 12 weeks, you will no longer need to rely on someone else to be the source of your healing, you will be guided, supported and encouraged to shed the role of a victim of your past experiences to become the victor of your future potential...

The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme

The ONLY 12-Week Intensive Therapeutic Intervention Which Supports You Across Your Entire Life-Span...
Helping You Safely Hack Your Psychology And Biology So That You Can Instantly Reverse The Symptoms Of Mental Illness And Feel Good For The First Time In Years, Not Just For A Day, But Every Day!
Turning complicated and jargon rich science into simple positive action steps so that you can use personalised tools, resources and techniques to QUICKLY flip the switch on your emotions to step out from the dark cloud and into the light.
Guiding you through the GROUNDBREAKING research in; neuropsychology, psychology, chemistry, epigenetics, nutrition, fitness, sleep and more... so that you can overcome evolutionary biological safety mechanisms and confidently trust the decisions you are making will lead to a life filled with joy, peace and happiness.
Unlocking And Releasing Your Past So That You Can Make Decisions From A Place Of Calm, Openness And Optimism Not Fear, Pessimism And Distrust.
Discover the little-known ways to bypass your brains automatic-shut-down mechanism so that you can SAFELY delve into your past and clear out negative memories, experiences and failures enabling you to open your heart to the possibility of a more positive future.
Walking you through REVOLUTIONARY holistic treatment methods including; Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy and Timeline Therapy so that you always have a way out of the darkness.
Guiding You Gently Back To The You Which Has Been Trapped Inside For So Long So That You Can Courageously Create A Life Which Not Only Harnesses Your Uniqueness But Also Leaves The World In A Better Place Than When You Joined.
Unearth your core values, beliefs and desires so that you can LOVINGLY accept the real you and confidently share yourself with the world.
Leading you through UNDER-THE-RADAR self-development tools such as; personality hacking, success imprinting, flow journaling and timeline meditation so that you go from spaced-out to sure-thing.
BUT WAIT! That's Not All!
You'll Receive These AMAZING Bonuses To Increase The Chances OF Your Success:

BONUS #1: 120+ Hours Of Personalised Video Playback (Value £1,997)

Unlike traditional therapy models, the Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme is conducted fully online. This means, you're not only safeguarded the days your brain is feeling foggy because you no longer need to worry about travelling, you can avoid worrying about being late and you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you don't need to worry that you'll never remember what was said. You also have access to your personalised, guided sessions to watch back again and again as many times as you need. 

This one bonus alone doubles your chances of success compared to therapies conducted the old way, in person.

BONUS #2: 3 Hours Of Additional Support During Critical Periods (Value £750)

To protect you on your recovery journey, you'll also be supported during 3 key critical periods after the programme finishes. 

The first, 3 months after you finish is when you've put your life into motion and you'll start to experience conflict with friends, family members and others close to you as your outlook on life changes, while theirs stays the same.

During the first 6 months, you'll undergo a radical personal transformation unleashing new ideas, opening yourself to new career paths and yearning to find increased depth in your relationships.

Nine months after treatment, you'll be in a completely different place emotionally, physically and financially and ready to take on the world but not quite knowing how to get there.

All three 'critical period' calls are designed to help you through these key transitional periods so that the hard work, energy and effort you ploughed into the Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme are not wasted.

BONUS #3: 24/7 Access To Katie Via Her Personal Mobile (Value Priceless)

Unlike NHS based treatments or most therapeutic packages, Katie understands that mental illness is not a 9-5, Monday to Friday problem. It's a 24/7, 365 problem. To ensure that you are supported when you need her the most, she is always a phone call away.

BONUS #4: 400+ Page Personalised Workbook (Value £997)

This workbook (both digital and print) is designed to support you OnDemand anytime you start to wobble. Relinquishing the need for you to rely on your own ability to recall information which is currently impaired due to what you're going through. 

You have access to over 400 pages of step-by-step instructional tip-sheets, worksheets and psychological techniques compiled specifically to support your unique needs, concerns and symptoms so that you can effortlessly overcome your sabotaging patterns, relinquish the cycle of negativity and be supported in everything else you need to thrive not just survive exactly when you need it.

BONUS #5: Life-Time FREE Access To The Emotionally Free Life Programme (Value £1,997)

The Emotionally Free Life Programme is Katie's signature digital 12-week programme designed to help those with mild to moderate symptoms of mental illness take back control of your life, your health and your emotions not just today, but every day.

Packed full of tried and tested therapeutic techniques and structured in the same way as the Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme you'll be able to advance your knowledge, develop new skills and unearth hidden talents as you continue on your mentally and emotionally free journey. Including; 9 Clinical Hypnosis MP3's, 90 Pre-Made Affirmations, The 90-Days To Emotional Freedom Journal and Emerging Research as it's released by the scientific and medical community.

BONUS #6: 12 Months FREE Access To The Emotionally Free Life Community (Value £2,352)

Unlike other Facebook communities, you’re not left to fend for yourself with the odd message from the course creator, I understand how important this process is for you so this one has me at the helm.

Every single day at 8 am Katie is live in the group leading the #dailymorningpractice a REVOLUTIONARY 6-phase psychological wake-up process which has been specifically created to help you safely pivot from a place of fear, frustration and failure to one of peace, calm and relaxation so that you can start every day, the right way.

BONUS #7: The Emotional Aromatherapy System (Value £165.97)

Nicknamed the 'lifeline' by past clients, doTERRA's Emotional Aromatherapy Kit enables you to utilise the unique connection between your nose and your amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain, to trigger a chemical reaction which has been scientifically proven to positively impact your emotions in under 30 seconds.

No longer needing to rely on old, outdated and obsolete methods of treatment you will join the leading-edge revolution sweeping the world. Capitalising on some of the worlds leading chemists, biologists and researchers and created by the worlds most trusted supplier of essential oils, you can rest easy in the knowledge you get the same results every time you use them.

Total Value Of Over: £11,258.97

When you say yes to a mentally healthy life you pay just £3,000*

*Payment Plans Are Available*
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

You're Also Protected By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If "The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme":

+ doesn't help you take simple positive action steps that have a massive impact on the way you feel...
+ doesn't help you let go of past trauma, guilt and suffering so that you can safely open yourself up to the possibility of joy, peace and happiness in your life... or
 + fails to help you stick to a simple scientifically proven routine so that you can maintain a positive level of emotional and mental freedom not just today, but every day from this day forward...
Then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked*!

All the risk is squarely on our shoulders.

You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your journey to emotional and mental freedom! (*T&C's Apply)

Proof! From Other Happy Customers

...From A Service Started In 2014 Which Has Intimately Supported Hundreds Back To Full Mental Health

Louise Tyrrell; Yoga Teacher & Wellness Advocate
"Katie ... is a wealth of knowledge, extremely inspirational, approachable, supportive and takes you through every step in her own friendly and very kind way. 

Katie will help you to change the course of your life beyond your wildest dreams. "
Sally Jackson; Single Mum, Dog Behaviourist
"... I have been suffering the last three years with postnatal depression, anxiety and my life has just changed so much in the 8 weeks and I just can't wait until I finish​ the course, I'm excited to get up... some day's its a struggle, but the tools that I've learned on this course are just amazing!
Paula Travers; Chartered Accountant & Mum
​"... a few months ago I was struggling ... both in my business and personally.
I discovered Katie and oh my God, she has been a Godsend.

She has changed my life so much for the better.
"It was the most expensive investment I've made, but it was the most worthwhile." (SO, 2020)
"For the first time in my life, I feel like I can handle what happens next.' (PG, 2019)
"I can't even describe what it feels like now to be me. The support, your help, everything you've taught me... I guess the only way to describe it is now I wake up and feel safe." (SY, 2019)
"No matter what I said, there was never any judgement. No one ever listened to me like you did before." (MT, 2019)
"It was so hard for me to believe that I could change. Even when I was seeing how different I was and how easier things were I was convinced I would be the one who it wouldn't work for. Thank you for putting me straight and making sure I succeeded." (CB, 2018)
"Thank you so much for all the help you have given me, I spend everyday doing something that makes me feel happy and I don't feel guilty at all." (MA, 2018)
"I finally stopped putting everyone else first and now I spend every morning focusing on making myself feel good so that I can spend every evening laughing with my girls" (AR, 2018)
"Before we started my partner of 15 years gave me an ultimatum, change or it's over. I'm just ringing to let you know that yesterday he proposed. We're getting married because of you!" (EW, 2017)
"Even saying my name in public has been terrifying for so long I still can't get over how easy it is to say exactly what I want, when I want without falling all over my words." (GR, 2017)
"I wish I found you years ago, my life would be completely different. Thank you for helping me make the next 30 much happier." (MM, 2016)
"When you said I'd have to trust you blindly and work hard I thought 'what on earth am I letting myself in for'. Boy am I glad you were always there to keep me on the right track. Your faith in me made me realise I could have faith in myself." (JM, 2016)
"Everyone needs a Katie in their life!" (AG, 2016)
"In all my years seeking treatment, I've never been so well listened to, respected and supported." (JC, 2015)
"After the passing of my wife I felt lost, alone and scared. You not only gave me hope of a life with happiness, laughter and peace, you showed me the way." (PS, 2015)

Who Is Katie Woodland?

An Intro...

Hi I'm Katie.

I'm a Maverick Psychologist, Business Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best-Selling Author who helps you feel powerful while you create a life you love and leave a lasting impact on the world.
The only problem is right now, you're so trapped in fear, guilt and helplessness that you don't believe it's possible for you. You've been let down by mental health professions, your family has abandoned you and your mind has trapped you in an endless supply of emotional, mental and physical torture.
The Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme has been specifically designed to safely walk you through simple strategies, time-tested techniques and powerful psychological practices to claw back control of your emotional health in the present moment, purge the emotional demons of your past and release you back to the world as the true, authentic version of yourself.

Professional Education, Qualifications & Experience

2020: One Education; Level 3 Diploma TEFL (TESOL) (currently undertaking)
2020: Brentwood Open College; Level 5 Advanced Diploma Diet & Nutrition (currently undertataking)
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Counselling & Psychotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Hypnotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
2016: School of Natural Health Sciences; Diploma, PASS, Aromatherapy
2014: Nottingham Trent University; Master of Science (MSc), Distinction, Applied Child Psychology
2010: Liverpool Hope University; Bachelor Of Arts with Honours (BA Hons), 2:1 Criminology & Psychology
Employment & Experience:
2018 - Present: Psychologist, Business Coach Speaker & Best-Selling Author; Katie Woodland
2014 - 2019: Psychologist & Founder; Woodland Psychological Services Ltd
2016 - Present: Member, Telford Suicide Prevention Board
2016 - 2017: Contributor, Huffington Post UK
​2014 - 2018: Vice Chair of Governors, William Reynolds Primary School (Telford)
2014 - 2018: Parish Councillor, Oakengates Town Council
2014-2017: Trustee, Telford Mind
2012 - 2014: Assistant Psychologist; Midlands Psychology
2012 - 2014: NSPCC; ChildLine Schools Service Volunteer
Pre- 2014: Multiple Fast-Fashion Retailers with the vast majority of time spent in a department or store management role.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Anything. Unlike most therapeutic interventions ​each program is uniquely designed with you in mind. As a BioPsychoSocial Psychologist rather than a therapist, Katie intimately understands how the mind, body and the environment work in tandem to create our life experience. 

After 7+ years training, 5+ years working intimately with hundreds of people and keeping her nose-to-the-ground as new, emerging research comes through, Katie is able to expertly guide you to the most appropriate techniques based on your personality, your past, your present symptoms and your future potential so that you have every chance of significantly reducing your mental illness and drastically improving your outlook during the 12-week time-frame.

To ensure, no time is wasted on the journey, you will undergo a clinical mental health screening and clinical personality screening to determine your success trajectory and to enable adjustments if necessary. Katie's entire focus for the 12-weeks is on your success.
There are a vast number of different tools and techniques available so not all can be recorded on here. However, below is a list of the ones which Katie utilises use most often*:

Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)
Emotionally Focused
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Experiential Therapy
Exposure Response Prevention
Family Systems
Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)
Positive Psychology
Psychological Testing and Evaluation
Reality Therapy
Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)
Trauma Focused
*You receive multiple therapies at the same time and are taught to utilise the skills of each so that you can continue to use the tools yourself rather than needing to rely on someone else to treat you.
Simple - we don't use it. Holistic therapy (whether it's intensive or not) is designed to put you in the driving seat. Think of your therapist as an encyclopedia - they have the skills and the knowledge but it's up to you to access the tools you want/need to recover.
12 hours delivered over 12 weeks. Please note, we cannot deliver the therapy on a bi-weekly basis any interruption increases the resistance to change from your brain, thus reducing the effectiveness of the intervention. Therapy is charged at £250 per session, per week.
All of them.

We are all human and all have the ability to reverse the effects of the last few years. The only difference between someone with anxiety, depression or dissociation is the way in which treatment is administered.
Most of our clients never need any further support because the Intensive Holistic Therapy Program is designed to give you the tools you need to overcome the things that have kept you stuck but also equip you with skills that you can use in the future if you start to struggle.

However, as we are unable to control the future, sometimes unforeseen circumstances and events occur and in these instances clients have accessed a few follow-on sessions to help get them over the first hurdles.
Our intensive holistic therapy program is unique. Most therapists and therapies are grounded in one school of thought and rely solely on skills and tools from a prescribed list. 

Often, we have found that the therapy our previous clients accessed wasn't the right fit and didn't go far enough to truly be person-centred often leaving them out of important decisions and 'steam-rolling' their thoughts and ideas as though they are less important. 

Our program combines multiple therapies into one intensive package with you at the heart and each technique/tool has been crafted to work alongside your unique experiences, thoughts and beliefs. We are committed to ensuring each tool is beneficial and actually having the positive impact we expect, through regular clinical screenings.
We usually have a good instinct. During the consultation process and the first couple of weeks we are able to assess you and see which tools/techniques would be most beneficial based on our experiences of working in the field. Sometimes, however, we know what we don't want much more than that which we do. If there is something you are 100% against please let us know and we will take it under consideration - after all this is your journey.
Yes. While we have seen phenomenal results over the past three years (results which shocked even us...) we cannot guarantee everyone will recover 'full mental health' in the 12 weeks. 

Truly, overcoming mental ill health takes years - even for those who have been through the program. 

The Intensive Holistic Therapy Program is designed to remove mental health as a barrier and to jump start you on your journey back to full health. Rest assured, every one will see a vast improvement and significant reduction in their mental illness over the course of the program. 

Because we are so confident in our ability to improve your life in the 12 weeks, we have a 100% money back guarantee.
It will. Well, it will if you're ready and truly want it - you just don't know how to go about it. 

Like quitting smoking, giving up alcohol or changing your career overcoming mental ill health has to start with a desire to do so on your part. If you're being forced into therapy then this is not for you. 

Our intensive holistic therapy program is designed to guide you forward - we cannot push you to do something that you do not want to do. If however you show up, commit and take positive action steps every single day and do not see any improvement you can talk to us about our 100% money back guarantee.
Over the past few years the NHS has been conducting research with alternative methods of delivering therapy and have found that the success rate between 'virtual' and '1-2-1' therapy is the same. For us, we've found the exact same results. Whether you live locally and head over to our practice or are supported via Skype/Zoom it makes no difference. We can help you get better wherever you are in the country as long as you're willing to get in front of the camera and do the work.
The intensive holistic therapy programme costs £3,000 and there are flexible payment plans available. Ask us about ways to pay during the consultation.
Because we believe in our programme we guarantee that you will be able to significantly* reduce the symptoms of your mental illness before you finish and if you don't we will give you a full refund. A significant reduction is a reduction of 1 or more on the clinical scale (e.g., from severe to moderate or from moderate to mild).
Due to the intensive nature of the programme, the Intensive Holistic Therapy Programme is suitable for those who are aged 12 and above. Due to the sensitive nature of all therapy, if you are under 18 you will need to have the permission of a 'responsible adult' before treatment can be authorised. This can be your doctor, your parents, a grandparent...

Please note, if you would like your child to access this therapy, they will need to have a developmental age of 12.
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