The Biggest Reason You're Struggling To Make Money From Your Online Business

#WealthWednesday | Katie Woodland | 18-03-2020
Watch, Listen Or Read On To Discover The Real Reason Your Home Based Business Is Floundering And The Two Things You Need To do To Succeed In Today's Online World.


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The Biggest Reason You're Struggling To Make Money From Your Online Business

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More Of A Reader? No Problemo, Simply Scroll On To Read Through The Transcript Below:

So you wanna know the reason you're struggling to make money from your online business?

The problem is that I know you're not going to like what I say...

You see, there is no quick fix.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is having you on.

You know as well as I do, that they're probably just trying to flog you something.

The good news is that it's not hard, you're just gonna hate it.

The first thing you need to do but are going to hate to do, is to get really good at detaching yourself from the sale.

Here's what I mean.

Throughout my long and varied careers, I've had to do some pretty scary sales stuff. 

I've done phone sales, door knocking and even tried to sell a couple of MPs.

Not like that, getting the public to like them.

Told you it was scary.

But because all those sales style jobs were about selling something else or someone else, I was able to detach emotionally from the sale which meant anytime someone said no, it didn't matter.

I didn't mind, I just went after the next potential customer or voter.

I actually got pretty good.

Even before I knew all the things I know now about selling.

I was so good, I managed to get two MPs elected for the same election, one of whom in a seat which no one believed we could win. 

Oh and for all of you local to Telford, I'm really sorry about that one... 

Anyway, the thing was, when it came to setting up for myself, it didn't matter that I was fired up, motivated and passionate about what I was doing.

It didn't matter that I thought I could do all the selling things because I had a track record of selling.

What I hadn't realised, is that deep-down I didn't believe I could.

So, what do I mean by this?

Well, it's kinda like the difference between wanting to lose weight and actually losing weight.

Here's what I mean...

We can think about losing weight all day long, but if we don't believe it's possible we'll end up sabotaging ourself without even realising.

For example, we might end up forgetting to pack our gym bag before going to work and everyone knows it's so hard to go back out after a long day ... so we just put it off until tomorrow.

That's a form of self-sabotage.

Or for example, we might feel like we need the bar of chocolate, 6th slice of cake or bottle of wine because we've had a hard week...

That's also a form of self-sabotage.

And yes, in case you're wondering, this is exactly how I chose to spend last weekend...

Here's what's going on.

Over my entire lifetime, all my memories about weight loss have joined together to become one giant ball in my head. 

The problem is that based on my physical experiences of the past few years, the memories proving it's not possible for me to lose weight vastly outweigh the ones which prove I can. 

Because the 'I can't lose weight' is a stronger belief than the 'I can lose weight' ones, I will take actions to prove the 'I can't lose weight' one true.

In psychology, it's called the self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Here's how it works: we believe something and then we take actions based on that belief.

Because we take action, we then experience the results of that action. 

The result then leads us to have thoughts and feelings about the actions and the result.

Finally, our resulting experience, either confirms or contradicts our inherent belief.

Here's an example of that; back to the whole weight loss thing.

Let's say for example that right now, I have a deep-rooted belief that I can't lose weight.

The idea of me going to the gym and losing weight is a contradiction of my belief.

Because of this contradiction, so my mind and body go onto autopilot in order to try and stop me.

Which might then manifest in one of the previous examples.

We'll use the gym bag one.

So now, I'm stood in the car park, I lift my boot to put my work stuff in before heading to the gym.

With the boot open, I realise that I've forgotten to put my bag in.

Now, I'm faced with a dilemma.

Do I head home, get the bag and then head back out again or do I instead give it a miss for another night?

Because the 'give it a miss' one is in line with my belief, my mind will start throwing things up like 'one more day isn't going to matter', or 'it's not like it's actually made a difference so far' and even 'you had a cake at lunch, to burn that off, you'll have to run for 3 hours straight and you can't do that, so you might as well just not bother' blah, blah, blah...

With every negative thought, your body triggers a negative feeling, which then triggers another negative thought and so, on and so on...

The only thing I can do to feel better and stay aligned with my deep-rooted belief is to stop thinking about going to the gym and take an action which is counter to going to the gym.

Just like that my mind and body breathe a sigh of relief because my belief has remained intact.

So what does this have to do with selling?

Well, for me, it was the same cycle.

A deep-rooted belief was stopping me from selling.

But what was crazy, is that this deep-rooted belief had nothing to do with selling.

My sales based memories were really good.

I was confident, I knew my stuff and I knew people needed what I was selling.

The problem was, being bullied as a kid meant my rejection based memories were super powerful.

What this meant was that even though I desperately needed to sell, wanted to sell and had a track record of selling, I couldn't take the actions I needed to because underneath I was terrified of rejection.

Without even realising it I was my biggest barrier to success!

The real problem is that even if you happen to be a psychologist and know about how all this stuff works, you'll still don't realise it's happening until you are already trapped in habits which are causing your business harm.

So I guess the real question is...

If detaching from the sale is the first thing I need to do to get my online business succeeding, what's the second?

Once again... I'm super sorry for what I'm about to say... 

The second thing you need to do is a different type of selling...

It's following-up.

To make your online business a success, you can't just sell once and then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

You also can't keep chasing new lead after new lead.

That's not only exhausting, its the fastest way to business burnout.

Instead, you have got to follow-up with the people who are already interested in your business.

You know the ones.

They've liked a post on social media.

They've commented on something you've done.

They've may even have been so bold that they've opted into your newsletter or for your latest freebie.

But just like you can't do one sales post, you can't just follow up one time.

You need to follow-up a lot.

And I truly mean a lot.

Statistically, people don't buy until the 7th to 11th contact.

If you're just sending an email once.

If you're not using re-targeting as an ad campaign.

If you're not telling your potential customers about your products or services over and over again.

Then, unfortunately, not are you only leaving money on the table...

You're probably priming your followers to purchase from your competitor.


Think about it.

Let's say for example you do an amazing blog post which helps your followers truly understand their pain points and the benefits of your solution for the first time.

You've just primed them up.

Internally, they're getting excited about being rid of the thing that is making their life miserable.

But they don't quite feel like they know you well enough to invest their time or money into your offer just yet.

So, to truly succeed and make money from your online business, your one job, is to keep talking to those people.

ut let's say, you too have some random shit from your childhood which is blocking you when it comes to selling, so you do what I did and put a sales post out there, maybe you write a blog or you might even create an opt-in.

But you don't follow up with them.

Right now, not only do your primed perfect customers still have that problem, but they also know there's a viable solution out there which can help them.

Now let's say that there's someone else serving your industry because let's be honest, there is.

So this other person, your competitor, we'll they're like you in every single way except they have no childhood baggage.

Which means, they are happily following up with their fans and followers and are increasing said fans and followers all the time.

Because your primed perfect customers didn't get constant reminders from you, they continue their search for a solution.

Who do you think they're going to find?

More importantly, who do you think they're going to purchase from when the 7th - 11th contact comes round?

So, how does all this fit together?

Well, if you're not detached from the sale, a little piece of you will break every time someone says no.

You'll take it as a personal rejection.

Then what happens, is if someone doesn't buy at the first opportunity you believe that they too are rejecting you.

What happens next is that you become absolutely terrified of following-up because you're obviously going to just invite the same person to reject you over and over again.

With that trapped in your mind, you do all the things to 'chase new leads' rather than following-up with the ones that you have.

More importantly, who do you think they're going to purchase from when the 7th - 11th contact comes round?

Please don't make my mistake.

If you can look back at your last 30 days and 80% of your time was not directed towards either generating new leads or following-up with the leads you've already generated the reason you're not making money in your online business is that you're sabotaging yourself somehow.

Don't you think it's time you stopped building your competitors business and instead not only created one you love but also helps you serve the world in your unique and perfect way?

Look, I get it. Right now, you might be thinking but what do I say to someone when I'm following up with them?

So here's the thing, if you click the button right now, not only will I gift you a FREE physical copy of my book The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth and Happiness I'll also, give you my converting email sequence so that all you need to do is tweak it, set it and forget it.

If however, you're now thinking, I not only have no idea what to say I'm also pretty convinced I have a chunk of crap flying around my mind sabotaging me every step of the way...

Don't worry, it's totally cool, I've 100% got your back too.

If you click the button to get your FREE physical copy of my book The Female Entrepreneur Road Map to Health, Wealth and Happiness and right now, not only will you get the converting email sequence, you'll also discover how to identify, clear out and overcome any of your mind junk so that you can finally take the steps you need to succeed.

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The promotion is not going to be around forever.

For those of you who've already got the book, make sure you tune in on Friday for the next #FocusedFriday instalment where I go behind the scenes showing you my super sneaky follow-up technique which will help you stay top-of-mind even when you're rushed off your feet.

Catch you soon.


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